Domain Name Questions:

How do I begin development before propagation is complete?

Prior to the transfer of the domain name propagating, you should use the temporary information provided near the top of your activation letter (we will email it to you) to begin developing your web site on the Vitual World® Servers. Within your Activation Letter you will find a temporary URL, FTP address, and Telnet Login.

How do I know if the domain name I want is available?

You may search for the availability of a domain name using our Whois Domain Search, which will also help you choose a domain name.

How long does registering a domain name take?

Providing there are no unforeseen problems with the domain name registration, and you have already chosen your domain name, the form itself will take approximately five minutes to complete. Once you fill out the on-line form at it may take up to 5 days for the domain name to propagate and work as desired, although it is usually fully propagated within 24 to 48 hours.

How will I know if propagation has completed?

The first sign that the propagation is nearing completion is when your domain name shows unavailable when performing a whois search. If you view the whois information provided and it shows you as the owner, and lists Vitual World's Name Servers, than your domain name has either completed propagation or will have within the next day or two. When you yourself are able to point your browser to yourdomain.tld and see your web site as well as assuring a few of your friends can do the same, then propagation has completed. To view the status of your domain name check multiple whois searches rather than just one.

What should I do to assure my visitors are not lost during a domain name transfer?

The best way to ease the trials of propagation during a site transfer is to place a web page on your previous host's server that simply states the domain is being upgraded to a new server. On this page you will need to provide a link for the visitors to follow so that they may find your new web site. Since it is obvious that the domain name they are used to using is not leading them to the new server yet, be sure that this link is the temporary URL that was provided near the top of your Activation Letter. You will also want to let your visitors know that this URL is only temporary.

I already own a domain name. How do I transfer it to the Vitual World® Servers?

If your domain name is already registered, but not residing on the Vitual World®, then you will need to transfer your domain name to our servers. This too, can be a simple process.

What are the rules for registering domain names?

The rules for registering a domain name depend on the Central Naming Authority in each country. The general rules to follow are:

* Domain names should be between 3 and 67 characters long (this includes the dot and the tld). For example: is 10 characters in length.
* The domain name can only consist of alphanumeric characters (letters or numbers) and hyphens (-)
* The hyphen (-), if used, cannot begin or end the domain name. is ok, but is not ok.
* The domain name is not CaSe SeNsiTiVe. Meaning DoMain.Com will work the same as or DOMAIN.COM
* No two domain names can be the exact same. If you would like and it is already taken you will need to change the domain name you choose to register to or some other variation that is available.
* You are advised to avoid registering a domain name that conflict with another company's trademark unless, of course, you own a trademark that also gives you rights to that domain name. In these circumstances it is generally agreed that the ownership of the name is awarded on a first come first served basis.
* The costs for the domain name itself are not included with the costs for hosting the domain name. For pricing and regulations of various domain names click here. For pricing information on various hosting packages click here.

What is propagation in reference to domain transfers?

Information regarding site locations is recorded on DNS tables or nameservers. These records are updated by Internet Presence & Service Providers to reflect the addition and changes of site locations. The update of these records is referred to as propagation. Propagation normally lasts 48-120 hours.

During this propagation period some ISPs will still point visitors to the web site located on your previous web host's servers while other ISPs, that have already updated their DNS Tables, will point your visitors to the web site located on your new web host's servers. The same is true for email that is sent to name@yourdomain.tld. This is usually a frustrating and confusing time for the site owner and visitors as well. It is also not uncommon for a visitor to randomly see the new and old web sites each time they point their browser to your domain name due to the DNS Cache kept within their personal computers conflicting with the DNS entries provided by their ISP.

What is propagation?

Once InterNIC announces that your domain name has been registered, it usually takes from 12 to 72 hours before the domain is active. All Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must update their records (DNS tables) to reflect new site locations. This process is called propagation.

During propagation, your site might be accessible from one ISP and not from another. It is advisable to wait 72 hours before you announce your site to the world. During this propagation period, Vitual World® provides you with a temporary address that enables you to see, and begin developing, your web site immediately. This temporary information can be found near the top of your activation letter.

After the propagation across the Internet has completed, you will then be able to use and announce your own domain name. It is important to note that each individual form of your domain name must propagate. This means that ftp.yourdomain.tld may take a different amount of time to propagate than www.yourdomain.tld, which also may take a different amount of time than yourdomain.tld without the www. Patience is the key during propagation.

When should I cancel my account with my previous web host?

After the propagation period has completed you should contact your previous web host and request them to update their DNS and delete your domain from their servers. Once this has been done and their information has been completely propagated the transfer is complete. It is recommended to wait approximately two weeks after submitting for a site transfer to request cancellation of the previous account. This allows time for the few ISPs that take longer to update their tables to get up to speed and helps prevent losing visitors that are using these slower ISPs.