E -mail

Should I "Leave Mail On Server"?

You may leave your mail on the server if you have a need to. It is important to understand that the space used for holding your email counts against the total disk usage you purchased from FutureQuest. If you do not need to leave your email on the server it would be in everyone's best interest for you not to.

Can I have mail forwarded to multiple addresses?

Yes. To have mail forwarded to multiple other addresses simply visit your personal CNC located at http://www.YourDomainName.com/CNC/ (remember to replace YourDomainName.com with your own domain name). Once within the CNC click on the menu option titled Email Manager and then click on the Manage POP accounts and Aliases sub section. From here you will find the Alias Stacks setup area that will allow you to quickly & easily setup multiple forwarding accounts.

Can I use Procmail?

Yes. Procmail v. 3.13.1 is installed on all servers. For information, Telnet into your account and type man procmail

Do you support PINE or IMAP?

No. Currently neither PINE or IMAP work well with the VMIP- style email accounts, we do hope to be able to add support for both PINE and IMAP in the future but are unable to at this time.

How do I add extra email accounts?

All full virtual domain packages come with multiple email accounts. You can specify what you would like these accounts to be and set them up by simply filling out thie request form.

How to use SecureCRT to retrieve your email over an encrypted link.

This method was tested via Eudora Pro 4.1, but should work with almost any capable email client.

Start S-CRT.

In the session list, select the connection you want to use with Eudora.

Select edit.

Next to the hostname, select advanced.

Click on the port forwarding tab.

You want to set up two ports.
The first will be 110, which corresponds to your POP server address.
The second will be 25, which is your SMTP server address.

Click save after adding each of these ports.

In Eudora setup, type for your incoming and outgoing mail servers.

Launch SecureCRT and make the secure connection.

Start Eudora, it will dutifully get and send your new mail securely via Blowfish or the algorithm you've set up in SecureCRT.

What Email Program Should I Use?

There are hundreds of different programs you can use to check your email. As long as the program you choose supports the POP3 Protocol (almost all of them do) it should work with the FutureQuest® servers. Some popular programs used that support multiple email accounts are:

* Eudora
* Outlook
* Pegasus

What Information Do I Need to Configure My Email Program?

There are a few key pieces of information you will need to know to configure your favorite email program for sending and receiving email regardless what email program it is.

* Your Email Address

The email address will resemble username@yourdomain.tld Where username is the name of the account you are setting up and yourdomain.tld is your domain name. The email address is not CaSe SeNsiTiVe so Bob@Domain.com will work the same as bob@domain.com. Your root email account address and username are provided in your Activation Letter.

* Password

The password for your root/main email account was provided within your Activation Letter. The password for email accounts over and above the main/root account will be as specified when you create the accounts via your CNC

* SMTP Server

This is simply mail.yourdomain.tld

* Default Domain

This is yourdomain.tld

* POP3 Server

This is pop.yourdomain.tld

* FROM Address

This MUST be the EXACT SAME as the email address you are setting up. If you are setting up sales@yourdomain.com then your FROM Address MUST be sales@yourdomain.com

* Return Email Address

Whatever you would like it to be. Usually the same as your FROM Address.

* Your VMIP- (Only for accounts which do *not* have a dedicated IP address)

It is very important when running on a server that uses the new HTTP/1.1 protocol to remember this! You received a VMIP (Virtual Mail Identifier Prefix) with your activation letter. When setting up your email program, specify your Login Name/Username by adding the VMIP followed by a hyphen (-) to the beginning of the User Name. e.g. if your email address is owner@yourdomain.com then your User Name is owner and your Login Name would be vmip-owner This is the only time you need to add the vmip- to your login name.

You must use your VMIP- with every POP account you set up. If you decide to create Sales@yourdomain.com then your login name will be VMIP-sales
hint: Your VMIP is probably xyourdomain- if on a full package or pyourdomain- if on a Parked Package. If you have a dedicated IP address the VMIP- is not required. If your Activation Letter notes a dedicated IP address then your username is all that is needed. Do not attempt to use the VMIP- with a dedicated IP Number. Do not forget to use the VMIP- if you do not have a dedicated IP address.